Sunday, 8 January 2017

The Thoughts and Prayers Initiative

Once again there has been a mass shooting in the United States. And President-Elect Trump, like many before him, has offered up "thoughts and prayers."

Problem is, as so often before, the same people are dead and injured as they were before the thoughts and prayers were offered. Something clearly isn't working in the "Thoughts and Prayers" model. But what?

Clearly, given the number of powerful people using them, it's not likely that thoughts and prayers don't work. So our theory is, it's in the timing. Sending thoughts and prayers after the event must be too late. You need to get them in early.

This is why we're introducing the Proactive Thoughts and Prayers Initiative. Instead of using rapid-reaction thoughts and prayers we will be going through all the places in the States where an outrage could occur, and offering thoughts and prayers in advance.

Clearly this approach is speculative. But if this don't work the United States might have to consider gun control. And let's face it - that would be impractical and ridiculous.

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