Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Sticking to Biblical Standards in Marriage

Drayton Parslow telling me the Church of England bishops are right to be sticking up for a "biblical view of marriage."

To be fair to Marjorie Parslow, she's getting old in years and not likely to have any more children.  So I joked to Drayton he might want to be thinking about a concubine.

He took the idea more seriously than I thought.  Thought it would brighten up the place and was a good way to bring some interest to a bed. Albeit, inclined to roam. Which confused me. This isn't the sort of open attitude I expect from our Drayton.

Just got home and realised. He thought I meant celandine.


  1. As long as he didn't think you meant porcupine

  2. A good evangelical like Drayton will never stray, there is no imagination or inclination to do so. In fact, why isn't he a CofE Bishop?


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