Sunday, 9 April 2017

The Myth of the Easter Rabbit

Shocking piece debunking the whole concept of the goddess Eostre (invented by Bede) and the Easter Bunny. Not because it debunks the whole thing. But because it fails to mention that the story actually goes back to the ancient Beaker religion.

Not an ancient Saxon goddess

In the ancient Beaker religion, the rabbit was a sacred beast. Its ability to run into holes and back was seen as a symbol of new life. The earless breed of Beaker Bunny, in particular, was a living parable - a rabbit and yet, at the same time, scarily like a groundhog.

In the autumn, as the sun's warmth retreated and the nights grew longer, so the Beaker Bunnies went into their warrens. The Beaker folk believed that they were accompanying the rabbit goddess Polly - the goddess of waitresses and implausible excuses, leporine equivalent to the Graeco-Roman Persephone  - on her journey to the underworld to see her husband, the frankly implausible Big Bunny.

Once winter was over, the sun came out in spring, and the bunnies rejoined the upper world and started breeding like the proverbial, then believers knew that life was come back to the world. They believed that, in a sense, the rabbits were not just rejoicing in that new life, but in fact encapsulated and brought into being the life. As a result, they did not kill the rabbits and make tasty stews, but instead brought them offerings of dandelion flowers (representing the sun), dandelion clocks (the moon) and dandelion leaves (representing lunch).

Needless to say, it was a fertility religion.


  1. Since you are claiming the Rabbit s a Beaker creation as sacred, your history goes back just over 2k years, to coincide with the Romans, who brought the Rabbit to the UK from foreign parts as a food source.

    So did the Beaker Religion actually derive from Christianity, and not ancient pagan beliefs and practices? If so, you are hiding behind an supposedly ancient religion to disguise your closet Catholicism.

    1. There are two things wrong with your reasoning.

      The first is your belief that, because the earliest evidence we have today is that the Romans ate rabbit, they introduced them. It was only recently that people claimed the Normans introduced them - which was proven false by the Roman evidence.

      Secondly - the Beaker Folk were not just in England. They were also a continental Folk. So they clearly brought their belief system with them.


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