Friday, 14 July 2017

Celebrity Theology

Someone I hadn't heard of apparently approved of equal marriage.

And now he doesn't.

I don't care whether a celebrity Christian (who I'd never heard of till yesterday) believes in equal marriage, or has changed his mind. Because it doesn't matter. If I made my mind up based on what celebrities said I'd change my name to Kardashian and have been eating Steve Cram's favourite breakfast cereal since 1986.

Sure, listen to other people. Sure, weigh their views. But never care what famous people think, just because they're famous. You'll find another famous person to think they're wrong. And they're probably both wrong anyway.

You've got a mind. Use it. And don't just use it because I say so.

Even if I am right.


  1. There is one famous person whose words I take as Gospel...

  2. We must read the same feeds. I'd never heard of him too.

  3. Luckily on Twitter the idiots have a little blue tick against their names to warn you.

  4. I have heard of him, even read his books-which are good- on this I disagree with him, such is life...

  5. "Celebrity"? Peterson is an author, like your "friend" Gary. He didn't like the threat to ban his books, so he issued a nice ambiguous statement, that wasn't a real renunciation of his views but probably got him out of trouble.

    I hear Gary's book sales aren't going too well. Perhaps he should stir up a storm about gay marriage and get people threatening to ban his book. That will do wonders for his sales!

    1. You see, not really knowing much about him - a celebrity storm was all I saw. And my point is still valid.

      As far as Gary's book sales go, you're right. His book's sales so far have been poor. Maybe he should release it.

  6. Eugene Peterson is the last person in the world to worry about being a celebrity. He's also the last person to care whether or not he's in step with public opinion (he's made it a habit to swim against the stream of American celebrity pastoral culture for many years!).

    I don't know why he flip-flopped the way he did, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt, because his books about spirituality and the pastoral life have been a huge help to me.

    Tim Chesterton


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