Sunday, 16 July 2017

Fields of Gold

Still suffering the fallout from this morning's "Seeds and Sower Service".

You're gonna reap what you sow
Gladwell had such a creative idea to recreate the parable of the seed and sower, in a real field. Maybe doing it in the style of Theresa May, and tearing through a field of nearly-ripe barley, was not her greatest idea however. Especially followed by 50 Beaker Folk, all skipping through the crop while shouting "we want to be those seeds for you, Lord!"

The sound of a shotgun being unleashed above their heads in its turn sowed quite a lot of panic. Quite a lot of stubbed toes and nettle scratches as they panicked and ran through the hedge and into the brook.

We're now having a special collection to repay a few hundred pounds worth of crop damage. Though Charlii is taking a certain amount of grim amusement from applying TCP to wounds. The parable seems to be, if you skip through somebody else's crops, you will pay a heavy reckoning. 


  1. The short OT reading lured us into a false sense of security...

  2. This makes more sense than anything I have heard in church forvyear

  3. I think that the Farmer was very restrained in just firing over the heads of these worshippers our PCC would have had them all in the stocks for 28 days, to be shamed by passers by drenching them from the horse trough full of cow urine. No one tramples our crops without risk, even if they are only grass and roses.


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