Saturday, 6 January 2018

Service of Bregret

Archdruid: Bregrets, I've had a few.

All: But then again, foo few to mention.

Archdruid: Forasmuch as Twitter is filling up with people who voted "Leave" and yet now wish they hadn't.

All: Well, let's face it. We'd all had a drink.

Archdruid: And now with an NHS crisis, whatever is grown in January rotting in the fields and David Bloody Davis on the TV every day...

All: He's like the Thinking Idiot's Stephen Fry

Archdruid: And noting how much love everybody gets when they repent of their Brexicity...

All: For God loves those who repent of their Leaviness.

Archdruid: Let us join in the Lamentations and Bregret.

All: Oh what the hell have we done?
We thought we were showing the elite how much we loathed them
yet we realise that Boris Johnson is the elite as well
however well he managed to hide it.
And that picture of Nigel Farage watching the Queen on Christmas Day.
I mean. If he'd been stood there in Union Jack underpants it wouldn't have been much less tacky.
And so we repent in dust and ashes
and knowing that even Owen Jones isn't going to help us now
we pray that God can do something.
Cos let's face it, Jeremy Corbyn ain't.


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  1. I'm not sure that there are many Bregreters. A bit lwike Trump supporters in the US,they are blinded to their decision and whatever he says, they continue to adore him. So it is with determined brexiteers, they might wonder why we haven't just repealed the European Act and walked away without paying a single Euro?

    And the protest voters are still protesters, because there is no sign of repentance in the government, who are pushing on regardless with the cuts and policies that nearly put Mr Corbyn into power.

    And of course, Mr Corbyn is a Brexiter as well, he hasn't said so much, but decisions by the Labour Party not to reverse the vote and to leave, high lights this.

    The only hope we have is that the government will see sense and opt for a soft brexit which maintains some sort of relationship with Europe, that doesn't alienate the other 27 nations because we have been given more privileges than they enjoy.


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