Tuesday, 27 March 2018

The Royal Wedding : From Beyond the Veil

The prize for "Story that should really have been in the Star" for this week goes to the amazing news from the Daily Mirror - that Princess Diana will be at Harry and Meghan's wedding - as a ghost.

Don't know where to go with this in one sense. I mean, you like to think that, at the high spots of your life, your departed love ones will in some way be sharing. Maybe you believe in the Communion of Saints, maybe in some more disembodied kind of an afterlife. But you would hope they'd break off singing the Hallelujah Chorus long enough to give you a bit of a heavenly cheer on. Not so much if you're being sick after drinking three bottles on Sangria in Mallorca. They can get on with the singing in those circumstances, rather than leaning over your shoulder saying "you shouldn't be overdoing it at your age." But in the good times, yeah. Nice.

So if Lady Di is there - as a ghost - in what way are the sibling psychics that are predicting this ethereal visitation imagining it as being different? Will she be shimmering into view and pointing an accusatory finger at the Duke of Edinburgh, as if the service were ghost-written (sorry) by Mohammed Al Fayed? Or just bestowing a blessing in that vaguely saintly way of hers from a distance?

We're not told. Because after all the vague promises of presence, the psibling psychics are off,  presumably to ask for Ghandi's view on the Facebook data sharing scandal.

Instead, the Mirror goes off to tell us some more fairly bland things about royal weddings, as if they were part of the uncannily accurate prophecy we've already received.

For instance. Meghan will continue a Royal tradition of holding a sprig of myrtle in her bouquet. This is a tradition that goes back to Victoria, the Mirror tells us. So in what sense it is also paying respects to Diana, which the Mirror tells us they are doing, is not actually not too clear. The Mirror tells us that myrtle represents "good luck, love and fidelity in marriage". Now, I've been fairly tasteless once here, so I don't want to go too far. But. I can only assume the myrtle didn't work for Diana.

But then finally we are presented with a way we can test the original assertion, that Lady Di will be at the wedding. The Mirror tells us that it is traditional that the bride's bouquet is left on the tomb of the Unknown Warrior.

Well, if Diana's there, she can tell us who he is, can't she? Be nice to clear up the mystery.

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  1. But they'll be at Windsor, not Westminster Abbey - so Diana may just go to the wrong church! It's a bit of a hike to get the bouquet there, too!!

    1. I believe it is delivered by swans.

  2. Surely she will be on people's minds on the day, particularly Harry's, so her presence will be felt by them, but any ghostly manifestation is so unlikely, that if she does appear, someone will probably drop dead with shock?

    Memories are the key to anything like this. We remember those who have died with love (or loathing) as we can, but the physical death of the body, is proven, and its Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust is certain. It's her spirit within people that will be manifest.


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