Saturday, 30 June 2018

David and Jonathan : The Final Reckoning

Every since we agreed that we're going to be looking at 2 Samuel 1 tomorrow, the big row in the Beaker Folk has been what we can conclude about the relationship of David and Jonathan. In one corner we have the people who are convinced they were actual lovers. In the second corner, those who think they might have been if they weren't trapped in a patriarchal environment where David was instead forced to have dozens of wives and concubines.

And there's the third corner, for those people who just think they were good mates and David was in a bit of a "I really love you, mate" stage after having a few because his old mucker was gone.

Only one way to solve this, in our weird three-cornered environment.


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  1. Whatever happened to civilized debate?

    Surely there is enough warfare in the world, without fighting about a biblical story, that has so many aspects to it.

    Why not instead, study the text, read the commentaries and than have a 'good disagreement' i.e. # slanging match without fisticuffs. Remember that sticks and stones may break your bones, but names (calling) will never hurt you (unless you are ultra sensitive).

    1. Precisely. So who thought name calling might be effective?


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