Saturday, 7 July 2018

Trump-Baby Nigel

Nigel Farage downs a few and then complains about the Trump baby blimp. Warning : This is a link to the Daily Express.

After all, we've all seen the way that Donald Trump is always dignified in the way he treats his enemies, former friends and disabled journalists. And, of course, we know about his habit of stealing women's cats. [Hnaef - can you check if I've got this right?"] So we know what we've got here is the Right, which complaints about people being "politically correct" getting all touchy when it's applied to them.

The apotheosis of this attitude occurs in the comments below the line. Don't go there. I do this so you don't have to. But here is "Birdymum".

 "Your point needs to be made over at the
snowflake led Guardian"

That's right. A person getting upset about a balloon has referred to other people as snowflakes. I guess it's a case of snowflake, melt thyself.

This is what Nigel Farage said about free speech a couple of months ago:

And yet curiously when it's his mate being satirised, free speech isn't so free. It's almost like what Nigel Farage wants, is free speech that agrees with him. We treated Nigel Farage like a joke. He isn't a joke. He's a demagogue whose former party, and then Leave campaign, has used constant racist hints to get votes. He has pursued a vendetta against an organisation that he hates, to the harm of this country, and especially to the harm of the people he persuaded to follow him. And now seems to think he and his chums are entitled to protection from ridicule.

People with this attitude have more power than they used to have. And they have thin skins. Brexit in this country, Trump's election, were the result of the powerful but not quite in charge, persuading  the nervous, suspicious and resentful that it was that other elite that was doing them down. If you're in favour of free speech but only if you like the speech, if you're part of the elite yet define those parts of the "elite" that are the real elite - if you campaign against migrants while being married to people who've come from other countries - then you're a hypocrite. You're dangerous. And we need to ensure that the counter-message is more compelling, and more truthful, than that.

So for complaining about the Trump-baby, while demanding free speech, Farage is a snowflake. A 100%, 6-sided, perfectly symmetrical crystal that melts when daylight falls on it. He'll be back in  the game now, sensing the chance to apply his bile to the Government's attempted negotiating position. His old party's leader is meanwhile claiming that Tommy Robinson is a free-speech martyr not a dangerous twerp who could have caused a number of trials to collapse. These are dangerous times. At the risk of mixing my metaphors, at the tip of every iceberg there's a snowflake.

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  1. Farage and Trump are interchangeable in my view. Both small men with big ego's, and a poison within their rhetoric which is designed to provoke and too de-stablize those who are vulnerable to it. I don't like either for the damage that they've done to democracy (what little we have) and destroy the unity of civil society. I'm afraid that to many have been taken in by them and the damage having been done, they're trying to build on it. Farage should be tried for Treason - his conduct has been instrumental in damaging our country and his 'free speech' is his weapon.

  2. Thank you for your words of wisdom which cheered m immensely, having read the comments on Trump's visit today on Yahoo news ...most of which sounded as if they'd been written by our Nige...or Fox News.


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