Sunday, 30 September 2012


Much chattering among the Twittering Classes  - and twittering among the Chattering Classes - over the concept of "God Baby", a white-faced (but, at least, brown-eyed) Baby Jesus coming to a poster near you.

It's not that I can't understand the ironic intent (after all those years studying Ironic Theology I ought to). And you might want to read Simon Jenkins's blog on the matter. But there's one fatal flaw, in my mind. To illustrate, imagine a bus stop on a Home Counties former-council-estate:

Small, sweet girl (sorry, it probably won't be a boy. It's a doll.) : Ooh! Look! What's that!

Theologically uneducated mum: I dunno, it's a bit scary...  Godbaby?

Girl: Can I have a Godbaby for Christmas?

Mum: I don't know.  There's no price on it, or where to buy it.

Girl: But I love Godbaby!

Mum: Yes. But we'll have to see if Santa can afford a Godbaby.

Girl [sobbing]: Want a Godbaby for Christmas!

Mum: We'll have a look on the Argos site when we get home.....

So follows an evening looking at Argos, Tesco Direct, JLP, Hamleys - all to no avail. In desperation Mum follows an obscure Google link she's been avoiding all night, to a Church website.

Mum: Amelia (or, as it may be, Rose or Sarah-Jane or Jamie) - that Godbaby....

Girl: What? You've found one?

Mum: I'm sorry, no. You see - the Godbaby doll doesn't exist...


  1. Thanks for this - wondered why 'godbaby' doesn't work for me.

  2. Creepy.. looks like Chuckys' long lost twin from Stepford...

    1. For those of us who are Wyndham fans, the word "Midwich" floated across our minds.


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