Friday, 29 July 2011


To celebrate the Nativity of Geddy Lee, this.  morning's re-enactment of side 1 of the album "Hemispheres" will take place at 9am.

Now I wasted over an hour last night trying to explain the concept of "side 1" of an album to some of the younger Folk. Just take it from me that, like the sides of the human brain, an old vinyl record had two sides. If it was a single, these would normally express the qualities "quite good" and "don't even bother listening". In the case of the album at issue this morning, the sides represent "pretentiousness" and "knowing, ironic pretentiousness". (It's still good, though).

Now the Dionysians this morning, representing unrestrained human emotion, will be led by Mrs Hnaef. Daphne's in a bit of a mood with Hnaef after he and Young Keith sang a selection of Betjemann's poems set to music in the garden last night. So I'm hoping she'll manage the emotion of "rage" quite well. She'll be assisted by the Moon Gibbon Folk, who'll be doing "fear", and Charlii (joy, incredibly - the woman has endless supplies of energy). However the team is a bit short of numbers as that crack team of Dionysians, the Fertility Folk, headed off into the woods last night and haven't come back.

The Apollo Followers will be led by that possessor solely of a left hemisphere (or at least that's the rumour), Burton Dasset. He will be joined by, among others, the Beaker Secularists.

The Paddock is wired up with dry ice, smoke bombs and a massive sound system. So I expect a great and dramatic sight as battle rages amidst the Pomp Rock and special effects.

But it was hard work to find the person to play Cygnus, bringer of balance. The one who restores peace and order to the troubled land. Who, I wondered, could play such a key and diplomatic role? And them I realised I had been looking outwards, rather than inwards. Honestly, I'll forget my own name next.

So I shall, as Cygnus, be entering the fray with my healing and holistic views round about 11.15. That will also give me the chance to go back to bed for a while before I am required.

At the end, when peace is restored to the broken earth, we will sing the happy, hippy song of holisticness:

The sphere: a kind of dream

We can walk our road together
If our goals are all the same
We can run alone and free If we pursue a different aim

Let the truth of love be lighted
Let the love of truth shine clear
Armed with sense and liberty
With the heart and mind united
In a single perfect sphere.

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  1. Never in the field of rock was so much sound made by so few and loved by so many..


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