Friday, 30 November 2012

Traditional Scottish Liturgy

Archdruid: Hoots mon!

All: Och-aye, the noo!

Archdruid: So ye've haad yer teee?

All: Aye, aye.

Hymn: "Margaret"


All: Ah'm afreed ah've drunk yer Buckie.

Archdruid: So yer askin' fer the Malkie, so y'are.

Hymn: "The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen"

Archdruid: Is it just me, or are these ginger beards just a little bit itchy?

All: Never mind the beards, these ginger-hair-and Tam o'Shanters are worse.

Archdruid: And call me Little Ms Pedantic, but wasn't St Andrew Jewish, not Scottish?

All: True, true....

Burton: OK then! Pass me that black beard and bake me a bagel...

Archdruid: OK, that's enough racial stereotypes. Let's go before we get in any trouble.

All: And oy vay with you.

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