Thursday, 19 August 2021

God's personal representative in Stoke Ashfield with Moulton-on-the-Moor

Bit worried about my friend, Chris Beaumont.
I mean l, I've followed his career with interest. And love and care - he's an old friend. 30 years as a Business Analyst in the shopping trolley industry. There's nobody I'd trust more to tell me where the shopping trolley industry is going.

Albeit when I actually asked Chris where it's going, turns out the answer is "mostly straight on. But one of the wheels keeps swerving off to the left."

Anyway. Whether caused by the random swerving or not. Chris heard that still small voice calling him to the Anglican ministry. And after 16 years of discernment, 3 of academic training and 3 of curacy, he's now two months into his new role as God's personal representative in Stoke Ashfield with Moulton-on-the-Moor.

Yeah, Chris says he's surprised as well.
Says he only applied to be Priest-in-Charge 

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