Sunday, 26 January 2014

Church of England Mostly Tory Shock

So it turns out that the majority of Church of England people vote Tory, while Catholics are more likely to vote Labour.

That middle-class, mostly rural people tend to support the Conservatives, while predominantly-urban people who are more likely to be working class have a tendency for Labour, came as such a shock to me.  I tell you, I had to give up for the day on my in-depth academic research into what bears do in the woods. And that letter to the Pope asking what religion he is will have to go unwritten.

Whom to vote for is a fraught business. You're weighing all sorts of stuff - civil liberties against state involvement, the idea that the "Market" works against the idea that big Government is benevolent.

But the inevitable cry that Christians can't vote Tory really worries me. Firstly, because that presupposes that your understanding of economics is somehow better, and that you can identify that left-wing politics is better, because you're a proper Christian - which seems to me nonsense. And secondly, because there's a nagging feeling that somebody is actually saying "because I'm a Christian, other people will have to pay more tax". And I'm not sure that's Christianity. I've a funny feeling that's Christendom.

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