Wednesday 16 June 2010

A post-script

Young Keith was unexpectedly elected to Parliament as MP for the Husborne Crawley constituency.  There is a suspicion that his uncle, the Police Officer, may have "arranged" for only family members to get into the Reading Room to vote.  As a result of the sheer number of young, new MPs, Keith was able to pretend to be a Tory to the Lib Dem leadership and vice-versa, and blag himself a role as "Minister for Unnecessary Spending". In this position he has been feathering his nest relentlessly ever since.

Stacey Bushes moved to Bletchley to find some men she hadn't worn out yet.

Burton Dasset went back to his old accountancy practice full-time. With the extra spare time he now has, he's been developing an interest in collecting milk bottles. So far his collection amounts to six bottles, but Express are starting to ask for them back.  Having visited a small village in south Warwickshire, he is now distraught to discover that he has been mis-spelt for the last four years.

Drayton Parslow has a new job.

Marston Moretaine found his life bereft of purpose without the Folk and turned to artificial stimulants to try to find some meaning. Unfortunately, being Marston, his stimulant of choice was avocados. He ate so many that he became embittered with life and determined to make everyone else's life a misery. So he's joined a local council as Environment Officer.

Edith Weston was never very interesting anyway, so she's rented an allotment.

The Beaker Fertility Folk were still out on Aspley Heath last we heard. They'll be in for a shock when they wander back to the Great House in the Autumn.

Archdruid Eileen and the Hnaefs are Lost in Wessex.