Monday 30 July 2007

Full Moon Specials du jour

Pizza (cheese and cheese)
Boiled eggs (viewed from above - but not brown)

all served on nice big round white plates.

Thursday 19 July 2007

The Secularists' Menu

Tomorrow's menu (it being fish on Friday) - from the Beaker Secularists

There is no Cod.

Nor do we accept the existence of any Sole.

Nor shellfish - we don't want anyone claiming to be Prawn-again.

Plenty of Carp-ing - about the amount of religion in the media

Why are all the women so koi about meeting up with us?

No chance of anyone coming round to our Plaice.

Tuesday 17 July 2007

Vegetarian Option

Message from Maitre d'Hote Drayton

There have been complains that the traditional Beaker Folk vegetarian option yesterday was a little meagre in portions.

Well it would be, wouldn't it? Beaker Folk weren't vegetarian. So basically what you had was the main course, less the meat. Or, given the state of the vegetable patch after the rain, three new potatoes each.

On a brighter note, we're looking forward to an exiting meal of Auroch - well, OK, bison - just as soon as we can work out how to get it over the fence at Whipsnade Zoo.

Monday 16 July 2007

"Archdruids" Cafe-Bar, Husborne Crawley

Today's special cocktail is a "Solstice Sunrise"

2 shots of Pernod (or Absinthe, Pastis or any other anise-type drink)
1 pint of cider
1 shot of orange juice.

Enjoy a Solstice Sunrise as a perfect aperitif before trying Hnaef's Dish du Jour: Guinea Pig stuffed with basil, and baked in a clay pot.

Archdruid Eileen says, "I love you - you're my best mate, you are."

Saturday 14 July 2007

Major redevelopment

Last night's "Filling up of Beakers" was sabotaged by someone with a chunk of sodium, causing considerable alarm when the bottom blew off the beaker.

Archdruid Eileen was not happy. The Community has been ejected from the house, and is currently sleeping under polythene sheeting on Aspley Heath.

There is a rumour that this blog may be redeveloped as a continental-style cafe-bar.