Tuesday 29 January 2008

Rules for Submission of Assignments - Druidic Ministerial Course

Note - these regulations are subject to amendment without warning and at random intervals. They will be posted on the Community website, which is run on a PC in Keith's garage. The website is liable to occasional service problems during the winter months, when it gets a bit damp in the garage. By the way, any password we give you won't work because we will also give you the wrong user ID.

All submissions are to arrive by the first Full Moon after the appropriate solstice or equinox. First Class Post is acceptable, but we prefer homing bitterns for delivery.

Assignments should be 1.7 spaced, printed in purple in Lucida font.

An electronic version is to be emailed to keith@thebeakerfolkofhusbornecrawley.com. It should be saved in BBC Wordwise format. Upon receipt of your submission, Keith will email you back to let you know you've named it wrong. He won't tell you why.

Always use the official cover sheet. You can tell the official sheet because it's slightly different to the one you've actually got. Cover sheets should be written in the Cyrillic script, using a magenta chinagraph pencil.

Please do not use staples.

Tuesday 15 January 2008

The Hermits of Imprecation

On visiting the apple store this morning, we discovered a Hermit of Imprecation has taken up residence in there. Please can all Beaker Folk be careful when collecting apples. Not only has the Hermit got a vile tongue on him, but he's taken to throwing Granny Smiths at anyone who annoys him.