Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Jesus he Knows Me - Abuse of Power

'Cause Jesus, He knows me
And He knows I'm right
I've been talking to Jesus all my life
Oh yes, He knows me
And He knows I'm right
And He's been telling me everything is alright
Not normally known for their searing social commentary - obviously I except "Illegal Alien", a piece that should be played to David Cameron every morning. Little bit of politics there....

Televangelists are an easy target - well, the ones of this era certainly were, with their appeals for millions, perma-tans and claims that God promised them a helicopter or whatever. Put your hand on the screen, send me a few grand and you can be healed / have a limo / afford plastic surgery.

But that spiritual abuse hasn't gone away. It's just got mostly scarier, less corny, less fake-hair.

As the US loses its spiritual heart, it's found another bloke with implausible hair and pigmentation to put its trust in. Put your hand on the screen, pull up the drawbridge, and you'll be safe from Muslims, gays, and those charming Illegal Aliens that Genesis sang about. Imagine there's no heaven? Well, at least you can still believe in Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, another bunch of disaffected people who think Society is keeping them down are attracted to a Messianic bunch of murderers who tell them that killing, rape and suicide will win them heaven.

And then, on a lower scale, the spiritual abuse never went away in American Christianity either. Nor, sometimes, in England. Mark Driscoll can serve as an example of a lot. But then every vicar that every thought people should believe them because "Father knows best" or they have a charism of leadership, or they are a prophet - well, they all need testing, don't they? All the time.

Apart from me. You're OK with me. The Beaker Folk trust me with their money because they know I'm the one with the tea lights, the pebbles and the impressive control of the latest Politically Correct terminology for all those things you thought you'd started naming correctly.

Jesus he knows me. And he knows I'm right. Believe me.

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