Monday, 28 March 2016

Modern Children Know Nothing About Easter

A terrifying indictment of the state of religious awareness from the Suffolk Gazette.

Everybody knows that Easter Monday is the day that Simon Peter put off tidying up the garden until. Only then it was really wet so he spent the day watching Carry On films and eating chocolate instead.


  1. Children do know about Easter:

    Chocolate Eggs.
    Easter Bunnies.
    Time off School.

  2. Hmm. I think the Christian grandparents of Suffolk can "rest aisy" for a while longer. The grandly named "Suffolk Gazette" quotes clergyman "Evan Elpuss" in an article by "Seymour Paige". I do not wish to cast asperges on their journalistic standards, but wonder if this was researched in the taproom at the Sweffling White Horse.

    1. Yeah we know (they're in the sidebar)
      but they're very funny.


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