Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Talk Round Corners - Always Something Taller

I don't talk round corners, right between the eyes.
If you're slow they'll run past you.
Stand tall, see them falling over.
I walk a straight line, right between the eyes.
But just show me the door, show me someone who'll do it better.
The Wikipedia History of the Tallest Buildings in the World page gives us an insight into shifting power and priorities. For thousands of years the Great Pyramid was the tallest structure - a . From medieval times, the tallest buildings were churches and cathedrals. At the turn of the 19th-20th Century this all changed. The tallest buildings became commercial skyscrapers in the States and then - as the world changed again - in Asia.

There's never been a time when the greatest yet will be the greatest forever. The human desire to beat the biggest so far. The need to cry out your own greatness. The urge to go one better.

Buildings don't live forever. Even the Great Pyramid will fall one day. Humans don't even have that lifespan. 80 years or so - sometimes far less, cut off sometimes when we're far, far too young. The guy in "Down and Out" struts out of the hotel after sacking the sap. He climbs into his flash car. He sets off back to the office. But he always looks in the mirror. He always keeps an eye on the mirror.

There's only one that never gets replaced by one better. But then he didn't make himself great, did he?

He made himself less.


  1. Enjoying your Genesis exegesis.
    But if you can tell me what The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway is all about, I owe you a Babysham.

    1. Don't want to over-elaborate here (and there's a post or two coming).

      But basically, there's this Lamb. On Broadway. And it fancies a bit of a Lie-down....

    2. Well, that clears that up. It has puzzled me for years. And 'Dodo'?


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