Saturday, 16 April 2016

Terry Wogan "Next on List for German Satire Prosecution"

The complaint this week from the Swedish producer of the Eurovision Song Contest has uncovered another chapter in the ongoing story of the prosecution of German comedian Jan Böhmermann.

It has now been revealed that, prior to his greatly lamented death, Sir Terry Wogan was the subject of an extradition order from the German government.

"Section 103 of the penal code provides for the prosecution of anyone offending the leader or organs of another state," said a representative of the Belgian Social Democratic, Waffles and Hating Flanders Party, "and as Wogan had satirised the Eurovision Song Contest - an Executive Arm of the European Union and a department of the Swedish and Latvian Tourist Boards - we demanded his prosecution."

It is understood that the reason Terry Wogan avoided extradition was due to an administrative error. Because he spent his time mocking the songs, costumes and traditions of other European countries, the German prosecutors had assumed he was English.

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