Thursday, 3 January 2013

A Few Reasonable Demands

I note that the Argentine president has asked if we can give the Falkland Islands "back". An interesting concept, as the UK were governing the Falklands before the actual country of Argentina existed.

Now some might see this as a piece of opportunism. And I say, thanks for the idea. Because, the Beaker People descending from the ancient pre-Christian people of these islands, I am hereby putting in my demand to have the following ancient religious locations, which were formerly Beaker, returned to us:

The Rollright Stones
Glastonbury (city and Tor. You can keep the Abbey - the maintenance bill must be awful)
Buckfast Abbey (the wine can pay for the maintenance)
Primrose Hill
Old Trafford (we'll knock it down and sell it off for chi-chi housing developments)
Arbor Low
Dunstable Priory Church
Soho Square

It sounds a lot, I know. But they are ours. And we'll negotiate if we have to.


  1. I'm sure English Heritage are mustering a task force as I write

    1. Vicious colonialists that they are.


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