Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A very quiet morning service

Can't believe the excuses people have given for not making it to "Pouring out of Beakers" this morning:

"Car won't start"
"Phobic about snow"
"Roads are icy"
"Chased by a yeti"
"Need to look after pet shark, which has gone into a torpid state"
"Weather forecast said only travel if necessary."

Which might be reasonable, if they hadn't all come from people who live in the Community. They've not even got to go outside.


  1. Hear hear! Soppy excuses; soft lot! I managed a 30 minute walk uphill to church (and back), was chased by a yeti on the way and STILL had the enough energy left over to wield a snow shovel once I got there.

    Folk nowadays...Don't know they're born...

  2. Me too, except for the 30 minute uphill walk, And, the yeti ate my snow shoes. So now I really do have an excuse!


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