Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Real World "Goes into Administration"

It has been confirmed today that the Real World has gone into administration.

The Chief Executive, God, told reporters, "The Real World really suffered over the Christmas period. By comparison with using Android tablets to play Angry Birds, or being virtual friends with imaginary buxom Eastern European females, why would anybody want to go out into the Real World? In the Real World, you've got to go down the shops, visit relatives, maybe go to work. If you hold conversations with people, you can't just wander off when they stop being interesting. And the people you meet in the Real World just aren't as pretty as the ones you can download.

"It doesn't help that, in the Real World, rents are so high. All the places that you want to visit have real market values. Whereas on Facebook - you can have your own farm for nothing! And some parts of the Real World are a long way away - whereas you can get a pretty good idea what they're like through Google Earth.

"Obviously, there are some people for whom the Internet has been invaluable in opening up a whole world of interaction that they couldn't otherwise have. And the convenience is clear for all of us - we can Skype that relative who owns seven cats, without actually having to go round them. But the Real World did offer real advantages in terms of actually seeing real people. Although we've also suffered from people who go out to the Real World, check out the kind of friends they might like, and then get the same kind of friends with less emotional expenditure on-line. It's a really worrying time."

There are still hopes that the Real World can be saved. However in the meantime, the people that live there face a worrying few weeks, as God works out what can remain as a viable operation, and what will have to be closed down.

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