Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Resolution Desolation

So I've blown three of my blogging resolutions already this year. Especially the one about Feedjit. With the use of the new data projector I bought Young Keith for Christmas, we were able to screen a real-time feed of traffic to the site onto a cloud last night. It's a bit shiny and blue up there now, so we've redirected it onto the outside of the Moot House, and I now know if I have blog visitors at any moment of the day when I've got line of sight.

Now all we've got to do is switch sound on and plug it back into the Moot House PA system, so I can be aware of new traffic wherever I am. We tried it earlier, but we realised we need to re-do it with some kind of over-ride. Everybody at Pouring-out of Beakers went four feet up in the air when we had a visitor from Sutton Coldfield. Which, to be fair, is what happens in real-life as well. But the short-term hearing loss was no fun for anyone.


  1. I wouldn't trust it too much. Whenever I'm reading this, it always announces me as a visitor from Dudley. I live 200 miles further north, and have never been near the place!

  2. How does it know whre I'm from, anyway.


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