Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Wonders of Life

Watching the new Prof Cox vehicle and wondering why they didn't get a proper Chemist or Biochemist to present it?

Simple. Even in the world's most exotic, tropical locations, they wouldn't take their anoraks off.


  1. Both you & I should know that!

  2. I wondered why they didn't get a theologian to present it. Brian Cox seemed a bit out of his depth in some places. Kept saying it's physics and nothing mystical about it then saying how it is all a big mystery and he didn't want to think that when we die there is nothing left of us.

    All the stuff about the eternal energy, never diminishing, death and resurrection. Many states in one state and so on. And how were the three laws of thermodynamics created anyway?

    But I am a very uneducated in science so I expect I didn't understand it.

    But I doubt if there are any theologians who would look good on TV without their anoraks! Or who could present theology for the simple as well as he presents physics.

    Loved the huge tealight festival of All Souls/Saints in the Phillipines.

  3. ... or Biologist or Zoologist or geologist or anthropologist etc. (although absolutely not theologian - it is a science program after all ;)

    For me part of the entertainment value is to see how a particle physicist handles the much broader subject of "life", they don't usually get out much you know.


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