Saturday, 3 August 2013

Internet Trolling - The Other View

An interesting angle provided for us by the local leader of "Men are Victims Too", Thomas Rolling-Apologist... 
Obviously, there's nothing wrong with putting women on bank notes. I've always been a big fan of women myself. Her Majesty the Queen - she should be on the bank notes. Or Princess Diana. She was lovely. But Jane Austen doesn't deserve to. She was probably a virgin, for a start. What sort of example is that to set anybody? 
But if we aren't going to put the Queen on the notes, then what about my little Anastasia? Lovely, she is. It would be nice to have her on the notes. Especially as I'm not allowed to see her any more. 
And I'm not supporting the threats and abuse on the Internet. Obviously, it's unpleasant. Wouldn't do it myself. But if you don't want to put up with it, why not just stay off the Internet? It's like, if a woman doesn't want builders or van drivers shouting at her in the street - she should just stay at home. Or drive a car with blacked-out windows.  Or wear dungarees and a bag on her head, to avoid attracting attention. Mind you, you'd rather they put up with it - after all, we don't want women staying at home all the time. This isn't Saudi Arabia. Obviously, if when she grows up, anyone shouts that stuff at my little Anastasia, or tries to get her on the front page of Nuts, I'll do time for them. But that's different. She's precious.
Clearly this is a free speech issue. People have the right to be as vicious and threatening and nasty as they like - it's a free country. And incidents like when me and Frezza got banned from the Jaipur, just because we were making a few harmless jokes, show you how free speech is being eroded in this country. Anybody would think we were living under Sharia Law. 
I'd advise that if you don't want to deal with the kind of abuse that free speech allows, then don't complain about it - that can cause all sorts of unpleasantness. Get out of harm's way. It's like Poland, in World War II. Just asking for it, being in Europe next to Germany like that. If Poland had had any sense, it would have been in South America. Germany would have looked really stupid, invading an extra-wide stretch of the Baltic Sea. And all the nastiness would have been avoided. If there were no women demanding respect on the Internet - and just more like little @donna12344 and @vixen434444, who are ever so sweet and don't go around expecting you to be polite to them - Twitter would be a nicer place, without all that nasty trolling. Avoid @rosie888zz, mind you. I had a tweet-up with her. Turned out to be a big bloke who took all my money off me. Wish I'd found that out before I bought her dinner.

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  1. Lucky for you, Thomas, that you didn't meet one of my pet trolls. They don't expect you to pay for their dinner - they expect you to be dinner.


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