Sunday, 15 February 2015

Celebration of the Birth of Jeremy Bentham (1748)

Jeremy Bentham Auto-icon in his box

To be honest, we couldn't think of anything very funny.

So we just played "Living in a Box".


  1. Bentham was deeply eccentric. He avoided social engagements and didn’t need company, describing himself as being ‘in a state of perpetual and unruffled gaiety’. He did occasionally allow friends to dine with him, but made lists of conversational topics beforehand.

    Bentham had a ‘sacred teapot’ called Dickey which he referred to as a pet. His (real) pet pig, allegedly shared his bed for a time, and he was also fond of cats, in particular a tom cat he required to be addressed as The Reverend John Langhorne. His collection of mice ran wild in his office, destroying manuscripts and terrifying guests.


    I think they made a film about him, called "Bend it like Bentham", but I may be wrong.

  2. "Why do economic arguments go around in circles?"

  3. Is he still in the UCL South Cloister? I remember him in his box from my youth, but I don't remember a light being installed.

    Poor old boy, apparently his face turned black from the embalming, and so as not to frighten the students, they had to make him a china one, although the real head is still stashed away somewhere. It may be seen by private request (backed up by two references from Druids in good standing) only on Halloween and Guy Fawkes' Night. That last sentence is a lie, BTW.


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