Monday, 9 February 2015

English Christianity "Who Am I?"

Fun and games as we all tried to guess who each other was pretending to be.

Daphne spent three hours explaining how a cup keeps tea from falling on the floor, using extremely complex analogies while wiggling a pair of false eyebrows. Rowan Williams.

Burton brought a giant globe in. Wrote the words "Biblical studies" on it. Then turned it upside down.  Francesca Stavrakopoulou, obviously.

Charlii was pretty easy to guess. Standing in a corner ranting at a non-existent person about all the things he had let her down over. Stephen Fry.

Hnaef ran around shouting "Liberals! You're all wet liberals!" Took a while but eventually we realised he was being the Bishop of Willesden.

But I guess the most obscure of all was Bertwand. First he divided everybody up into two groups - one big, one small. The people in the small group he patted on the head, while the people in the large group he scowled at and told us we were too old, too untalented. Then he drove everybody out into the cold, regardless of which group they were in, and locked the doors, leaving the Moot House empty.

Turns out he was "the Future of the Church of England".

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