Saturday, 14 February 2015

Liturgy of Fretfulness on the Feast of Valentine

The Archdruid may sit, icily, in the Moot Houe.....

Hnaef (wearing a heart-shaped self-knitted Valentine's sweater with "22 years" on it): But I don't get it - you did get a card!

Archdruid (doing impression of Galadriel when offered the Ring): THAT WAS FROM BURTON DASSET!

Hnaef: It wasn't signed. How do you know?

Archdruid: "Roses are red, daffodil stems are green. I love you nearly as much as my trusty adding machine..."

Hnaef: Good point.

Burton: So not much chance of getting one back then?

Archdruid: Look around you, Burton. Is there any evidence that you're the only man on earth?

Burton: So there's still hope then?

All may leave the Moot House, before the fiery wrath of the Archdruid explodes.

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  1. Burton

    I suggest a short Spring break in the wild northern wastes to recover from your heartbreak. The Ladies of the Alderley Edge Townswitches Guild are polishing their candelabra and starching their Irish linen tablecloths in anticipation of your visit.


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