Wednesday, 21 October 2015

A Night at the Opera

" While an inexact comparison, research by the Guardian has shown that the cheapest tickets to watch opera (Carmen, £11), ballet (Nutcracker, £14) and West End theatre (As You Like It, £15) in London are all less than the least expensive Premier League ticket (£23 at Aston Villa)."

Well I should think so. Have you ever seen opera? It only exists to keep Guardian journalists out the pub.

Still, I'm shocked that it's 23 quid to watch Villa. Surely they should pay you more than that?


  1. That does make opera a bargain, as you're employing an orchestra of 50 or so as well as a soloists and a chorus. Surely footballers aren't paid more than musicians? Kicking a ball is unskilled labour, whereas to get the right note on a horn is far too hard for me.

  2. I think the problem with opera is more that the team in the orchestra pit has an unfair advantage when playing against a team that is playing with their voices alone. Think of Villa playing the All Blacks, say.

  3. Haven't read the article, so would like some clarification here: exactly where are the performances of Carmen ,Nutcracker, and As You Like It taking place?


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