Saturday, 19 March 2016

Strategic Missional Re-envisioning Taskforce

The results of our Strategic Missional Re-envisioning Taskforce (SMART) are in.

We set the group up to re-imagine what a dynamic, incarnational, enculturated paradigm might look like in a post-liberal ecumenical And they have now reported back on how we can effectively use our local druids to encounter culture in a counter-cultural milieu.

As a result:

The communities in Luton, Leagrave, Leighton and Linslade will be renamed the "South Bedforshire Group". The current Druid in Residence, Kennedy Cassidy, will be moved to the "Chiltern Chapter", where her skills in evangelism, church-planting and pastoral engagement are much-needed.

The communities in Chalfont, Chesham, Chartridge and Cheddington will be renamed "The Chiltern Chapter". The current Druid in Residence, Cassidy Kennedy, will be moving to the South Bedfordshire Group, where her abilities in church planting, liturgical creativity and evangelism will be very useful.

The "Candleford Communities" of Banbury, Bicester, Brackley and Buckingham will be renamed the "Lark Rise Group". The current Druid in Residence, Cody Connor, will be moving to the "Ironstone Group", where her pastoral care, liturgical flair and creativity will be invaluable.

The "Shoemaker Ministeries", based in Hannington, Holcot, Harrowden and Higham Ferrers, are to be renamed to reflect their heritage, as the "Ironstone Collective". The current Druid in Residence, Connor Cody. will be transferring to the "Candleford Communities", where her expertise in evangelism, pastoral work and liturgy will be particularly appropriate at this time of challenge.

Thanks to SMART for daring to dream big dreams and "think the unthinkable". Although I wish they hadn't suggested Iain Duncan Smith might be Prime Minister after an EU Exit vote. I know it's unthinkable, but not in the same way. I feel we are making some radical changes to the way these groups operate, and we wish them well as they take the next steps in their pilgrimage.


  1. Gosh, the Candleford Communities used to be my patch. I wish Connor Cody well...

  2. What's the difference between the Ironstone Group and the Ironstone Collective, and does it matter?


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