Sunday, 3 April 2016

Doubting Thomas Sunday

On this Doubting Thomas Sunday, the Beaker Folk will reflect on the benefits of the 3-year lectionary cycle. Which means the rest of the time, they have to hear my thoughts from 3 years ago - or even brand new ones.

There is an irony that because he is in this slot every year, Thomas is responsible for the resurrection of more sermons than any other disciple.

At 9.30, the Beaker Folk are off to skip round the garden while singing "Teach me to Dance." We all hate the idea, but it's still better than me preaching a sermon that everyone else can quote back at me word perfect.

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  1. Poor old Doubting Thomas! He was only showing a truly scholarly spirit - take nothing on trust, always doublecheck your sources, don't rely on results obtained by other persons in your absence. And he gets vilified for it.
    No wonder the Church took so long to admit that the world wasn't flat and circled by the sun.


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