Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Liturgy of Mockery of Bernard Ingham

Archdruid: He said he'd formed his view of events from the media reports. Presumably including the Sun's reports, whose evil lies he thereby backed up.

All: He was wrong.

Archdruid: He said people should shut up about Hillsborough.

All: He was wrong.

Archdruid: He called the Liverpool fans "tanked up yobs".

All: He was wrong.

Archdruid: He advised Liverpool fans who had lost relatives, to let it drop rather than pursue justice.

All: He was wrong.

Archdruid: So he helped cover up those responsible.

All: He was wrong.

Archdruid: And now, in his later years.....

All: He knows he's wrong. Even if he denies it to himself, he knows he's wrong. He knows everyone knows that he was wrong.

Archdruid: And though this does not bring back one child, one husband, one friend or parent who should have come from a game of football...

All: ....we wish him many more years of life. So he can reflect on just how wrong he was.

Archdruid: And we will never, never, never call him "Sir".

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