Sunday, 10 April 2016

The Oldest Members of the Church

The installation of a toilet at a Cambridge church has been delayed after a number of Anglo-Saxon skeletons were discovered.

Although archaeologists have completed their investigations and work has continued, the matter won't be closed until the Electoral Roll Officer has determined how many of the former parishioners are still on the list. Said a local, "we reckon that one of the skeletons is Fr Aldoue. People on the PCC still hark back to how good things were in his day."


  1. They might even discover that some of them are still on the list of people asking for prayers!

  2. I remember when my mum, who was a keen amateur archaeologist, helped to investigate the site of a Roman villa. Underneath where some of the corner-posts of the building would have stood, they found the skeletons of babies. Not an uncommon practice among the Romans, to bury infants under their houses, I understand.

    What disconcerted the researchers, though, was the regulation that the remains, being unexplained deaths, had to be investigated by the police. Though quite who the latter would have pursued, if they'd decided there had been foul play, 1700 years after the fact, was never made clear.


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