Monday, 7 November 2016

Introverts' Service Foiled

The Introverts' Service completely ruined today.

We were going to play the game where you have to throw a ball to someone in a circle. And then they have to say something about themselves that is great.

Except somebody snuck into Bogwulf Chapel and wrapped it in tin foil. Which was a problem as the service before the one for Introverts was one for people seeking a place free of tin foil. What were the chances?

So they called the police and the place us cordoned off. I tell you, it's lucky none of the introverts turned up anyway. Apparently they'd gone for thirty individual walks in the woods instead.


  1. Surely, you need a service for extravaerts, with a dress code of Hawian Shirts and shorts and flip flops for all - music to be provided by a Brass Band to drown out the chat and repartee and Strong Cider to be substituted for Communion Wine.

    You could invite the introverts to spectate and criticise which would provide scope for a tailored introvert service in the future.

  2. That sounds like a Skeleton Army revival meeting


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