Thursday, 14 June 2012

Elegy for Fallen Wellies

It's a sad little cluster of monuments that mark the last resting place of Bill Owen, aka Compo Simmonite.

The wellies remind you that Bill was a much-loved character actor. Somehow he brought the nature of a street urchin to an 80-year-old reprobate.

But the tribute from his family reminds you that behind the character(s) was a normal bloke - one who loved his family, fought with friends and enemies and is missed at a personal level as well as for the character he brought to life.


  1. Pardon me for being dreadfully American, but aren't wellies a pair of boots? Are there boots in this picture that I don't see or are wellies something else?

    1. Slightly left of the centre of the picture, with flowers in...

  2. Bill Owen was a brilliant actor and his characterisation as Compo was the pinnacle of his long career in the theatre and performing arts.

    His portrayal of the Compo deserved an Oscar, but wasn't rewarded with more than a TV award. Sad really, Comedy Actors don't seem to attain the same respect as those who do drama.

    RIP Compo/Bill


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