Monday, 4 June 2012


An exciting couple of hours watching the Jubilee concert. I guess. I've been up the White Horse with Mrs Hnaef playing pool.

I've come back to discover that Young Keith has a far greater interest in the Royal Family than has been known before. Keeps telling me that, after 60 years on the throne, it must be time for the Queen to "bow quietly out". Pointing out that Charles has a great deal to offer - provided he gets "the right job at the right time".

I wonder what he's on about?


  1. I trust you pointed out the great wisdom accumulated by older woman over the course of years (you might even have mentioned 'crone' unless you thought he might misunderstand it) compared to the rather gormlesss lack of wisdom demonstrated by youthful upstarts.

  2. Surely young Keith needs look no further for wisdom than his mum, the Arch Druid? She appears to have ruled the Beaker Folk with a Rod of Iron for years and has overcome rebellion by ruthless persecution. Opposition is met by violence, mayhem and sabotage so that it disintegrates with a whimper.

    As a tyrant, the Arch Druid has no equal - so Keith needs to just apply the casual accident and he will inherit all, including the rule of iron.

  3. B****r the Jubilee. What were the Beaker folk doing to celebrate the transit of Venus?

    Transits of Venus are somewhat rarer than jubilees no matter how well beloved the monarch.

    sic transit gloria jubilee - that's what I say.


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