Friday, 22 June 2012

Love in the Air

Dear Readers, what a day I've had!

I will admit, I was rather scared as I floated away from Husborne Crawley, hanging onto the Altar Stone of a helium-filled Stonehenge. I clung on as the wind swung unexpectedly from to the south, and I was driven along a route parallel to the M1.

It was a terrible night. Clinging to my stone, I was drenched with rain, buffeted by winds and terrified that there might be inflatable spirits among those inflatable stones.  At a height of 5,000 feet above the East Midlands, I narrowly missed the Northampton Lighthouse as dawn broke, and continued towards Market Harborough. Crossing the Welland Valley, I could sense that the replica stone circle was descending gently, as the helium escaped.

I landed in the middle of the town of Coalville - a place of whose inhabitants Drayton had previously told me, in hushed tones of dread and horror. The locals, assuming I was an alien who had crashed a megalithic space-craft, went off to get the necessary implements for burning me. But as they surrounded me with pitchforks, I was rescued by a kind woman riding a tandem. Outrunning the Coalvillians, we pedalled back to her house in a village in Leicester's northern suburbs, where Susan kindly gave me lunch. She explained that she was riding a tandem on her own because her former boyfriend left her. Apparently her hobbies of train-spotting, double-entry book-keeping and Unix systems administration had got on his nerves.

After a blissful afternoon, sharing dreams, hopes and kisses, she ran me down to Leicester for the train, and so I am home. But we have exchanged phone numbers and Twitter accounts, and agreed to meet again next week. I am spell-bound by our instant attraction, and indeed so is she.

Wouldn't you agree, maybe Sue and me have a Groby kind of love?


  1. I'm not certain the build up was worth it!

    1. Maybe you've gotta know Leicester...

    2. Made me go all Hinckley, reading this...

  2. Not sure about a Groby or even Groovy Kind of Love, but I now expect Burton to become an avid sky diver and bungee jumper, given his experience of inflight delight.

    The other thing is can he afford the cost of weekly travel to and from Leicester to meet his new love, without fiddling the books and depriving the Arch Druid of her rightful swindles.


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