Monday, 4 June 2012

"No King But Caesar"

Such were the words of those that would side with the Romans against God. And on this extended holiday time, a thought that reminds me that there are many today who would trade in a heavenly monarch for an earthly one.

For be sure that the concept of a "Diamond Jubilee" is not a godly one. The Old Testament Jubilee was in the fiftieth year, not the sixtieth. Any God-fearing Jewish citizen who suddenly discovered they had another Jubilee, just 10 years after the previous one, would have cause to complain unto the judges - for they still had 40 years of oppressing slaves, lending money and adding fields to fields before they had to put everything back where it came from. So the Diamond Jubilee is not an invention of God's - which can only lead us to contemplate whose idea it therefore might be.

Although it is not for me to rebel against the ordained Government of this land - ungodly as it might be, and wedded to such excesses as the Bullingdon Club might approve. And this multiplication of Jubilees does not make the divine mandate less divine, or less mandatory. We are to obey those whom God has put over us, no matter how ungodly and shiny of face. And Her Majesty the Queen herself, it has to be said, appears to be a godly and Christian woman. Although one suspects her son and heir may have more in theological common with the self-styled "Archdruid" across the park than with the true Baptist faith.

But brothers and sisters, this has merely been a circumlocutory way of explaining why there is no bunting adorning Bogwulf Baptist Chapel this weekend. For bunting is nowhere commanded in the Bible. And if the Lord has not commanded bunting, then where has its use come from? I think we can draw our own conclusions once again.

Nay, we will not have with the idolatrous bunting that declares a false religion of idleness, regard for a family that claims descent from Woden, Surely bunting is to me an abomination - a tragic delusion that says if we tie coloured flags to our houses, then we will be passed over and not suffer the terrible punishment of being French. Bunting declares that we should eat, drink and be merry. For tomorrow we have another day off and can sleep off the ennui caused by all the eating, drinking, merry-making and bunting. Others may put bunting on the walls of their houses - even wear it on their foreheads and forearms. But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.

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  1. Drayton, good try to use a load of nonsense to avoid preaching on the Trinity. But failed on a number of points.

    Jubilee, might be biblical, but in fact refers to the enjoyment of an odd, triangular shaped iced drink, where the name was shortened to Jubbly. There were popular in the East End of London in the 1950's and 1960's. No doubt they still survive there, but as I've migrated to the suburbs, I am unable to confirm it.

    Jubbly is a well known pronouncement of 'Del Boy' Trotter, who often uttered the immortal words "Lovely Jubbly".

    Jubbly was also a nick name in our 'Approved School' for those who were strangely shaped and appeared to be icy cool under the skin. It was a kind of hero worship as the use of the term 'cool' wasn't invented in the UK at that time.

    There you have a Trinity of things worth commemorating as well as preaching on.


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