Saturday, 16 June 2012

Quick Informal Christianity Course Joke

Our new boy, Arthingworth, is an interesting type.

He's been with us for ten weeks. When he first joined, he told us that he's into low-pressure, informal Christian initiation. He's spent most of his time here asking if people would like to explore the meaning of life. But instead of letting them explore it, he's issued them with his own map. Every week he invites us all to his candle-lit lasagne meal (which his wife, Dingley, cooks).

Some say Arthingworth is a really decent bloke. But I reckon he's a typical Alpha male.


  1. How can a man who gets his wife to cook for others be described as a typical Alpha Male?

    Surely he is just taking the Biblical Headship role in the family, where different gifts and natures complement each other. And, how do you know that the Pizza suppers are not actually delivered by Pizza Express and just as in 'Come Dine With Me', a bit of cheating.

    He is being generous feeding all comers, which must be a drain on his income - unless of course, he is charging admission, which would be more in the Beaker Folk tradition.

  2. Alpha males can, of course, be decent blokes. Provided your exploration of your life leads to their conclusion, they will be firm friends for life.
    Do not worry what his impact on the Beaker Folk will be. If they continue to insist on their own tea lights, he will shake the dust from his sandals and move on.


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