Thursday, 21 June 2012

A Surprising Outbreak of Work

Massive amounts of productivity in the doily sheds, and vastly improved attentiveness at seminars and meditation workshops this evening. The Twitter outage has resulted in a 100% reduction in people tweeting about how other people using social media is putting them off.

It strikes me that Twitter are missing a trick with their Twitter Status site. Surely if they let users leave messages on it? Then maybe reference each other's User IDs? To save over-use of bandwidth they could always restrict messages to 140 characters.

So my only problem now is - how am I going to publicise this post? Myspace?

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  1. I was offline so completely missed the alleged twitter outage. In fact, when I tweeted twitter about it, they denied all knowledge of any outage.

    The suggested that I'd mistaken them for Facebook, who were notorious for outages and were extremely wasteful in bandwidth.

    I then sought guidance from Wikipediea, the fount of all knowledge and they stated that twitter hadn't been down, it's just that millions of users all decided not to tweet for a period of time.

    This sounds like a News Corp stitchup - wonder if they own twitter or wikipedia?


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