Sunday, 10 June 2012

Trouble at the Naming Ceremony

I know I broke with convention. I disregarded Rule 37 from the Big Book of Beaker Rules. But I feel I was justified at this morning's naming service.

Merlot Gehenna Cerise is not a suitable set of first  names. Whatever his parents may have thought. I'm sure little Bradley will thank me when he's older.


  1. Surely if strange names are good enough for the Children of Sir Robert Geldorf, Mr David Beckham and Madonna and Michael Jackson, than for a humble member of the Beaker Folk, their chosen names should be respected.

    I heard a young mother the other day calling her lovely little toddler "Spec Saver" which obviously, given the appearance of her partner (Ugly not the word for it) had real heartfelt meaning for her.

  2. I once heard a mum calling her twins across the supermarket, I suppose their names were Sam and Ella but I'll swear she called "Salmonella."


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