Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A Celebration of Niceness

Archdruid: Nice to see you.

All: To see you, nice!

The Overhead Projection of Niceness

Archdruid: Behold! Kittens!

All: Nice!

Archdruid: Snowdrops!

All: Nice!

Archdruid: Spider's webs sparkling with dew!

All: Nice!

Archdruid: Daniel Craig!

All: Erm......

Archdruid: OK, moving on.... the Yorkshire Dales by moonlight!

All: Nice!

Archdruid: Skipton Brewery Black Gold? What's that doing there?

Burton: Nice!

Archdruid: I really must change the password on my netbook. OK... Bunnies!

All: Nice!

Archdruid: The Cornish Coast!

All: Nice!

Archdruid: Puppies in pashminas!

All: *dies of nice*

Archdruid: Frost on the Grass!

All: Nice!

Archdruid: Dawn on a clear Spring morning!

All: Nice!

Archdruid: Well, thanks for wrestling with me in prayer. Go out into the world, and be nice.

Recessional: "All Kinds of Everything"


  1. The trouble with niceness is that it's to sickly sweet. Where is the robust? Where is the edginess, where is the sharp tongued response?

    No, niceness is for wimps, not real druids.

  2. Gordon Bennett! Puppies in pashminas? All kinds of everything??? The horror! The horror!

    Though perhaps being cynical about 'niceness' is not actually ... er ... nice. Maybe I should concentrate more on empathy and forgiveness, then 'nice' might be added unto me. Because it's not a bad thing, really.

    Allelu, Alleluia.

    love Mags B x


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