Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Celebration of Hi-viz Bunnies

Charlii: At last the scientists have answered that all-important question:

Scientist: "What excuse might we use, to justify producing glow'in-the-dark rabbits?

All: Ooh!  Hi-viz bunnies?

The procession of the hi-viz bunnies.

Charlii: Wake up,  bunnies!

All: OohHi-viz bunnies everywhere!

Burton (arriving late) : That's it. I'm never drinking Franklim's Old Cludger again.

All: But tell us, Charlii, why did you buy so many? And why are you planning to use them as replacement tea lights?

Scientist: Well, having invented them, we had to think of a market for them.

Hnaef: I'm starting to think this whole liturgy is very Girardian.

Charlii: Not at all. I read it in the Independent....

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