Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Removal of 47" TV

In my new role as "Senior Admin Gofer", I have been asked to make the following announcements.

The 47" TV is to be removed from the Room of Vision. Apparently Charlii thinks that the size of Jamie Oliver's head on a screen that size may prove terrifying to small children or poor people. Charlii has kindly offered to swap it for the portable in the Acting Archdruidical Suite.

The Beaker Chip Shop has upgraded to selling sweet potato rosti fried in olive oil, with cherry mushrooms and s handful of sardines and a few figs scattered across the top. Unfortunately this has required a slight adjustment in prices - from £1.50 to €17.49. The Styrofoam containers will continue in use.

1 comment :

  1. Tomatoes? Figs? Styrofoam? That's hardly in the spirit of Bronze Age Beaker cookery. Surely the only chips in the shop should come from over-enthusiastic use of a grindstone when making barley and hazelnut frumenty in your cauldron? Sometimes I wonder if you lot are just plastic beakers.


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