Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Broadchurch - Series 2 Finale

Spoiler alert. Also I should warn you that my entire experience of watching "Broadchurch" consisted of writing blog posts, occasionally looking up and going "Ooh! West Bay!"

So a little challenge for you - "Broadchurch" is Bridport/West Bay's third appearance in fiction or drama.

(A) What were the other two, and what was the town's name in each?
(B) Which of the two was the worst venture by a former Eastenders actor since Anita Dobson's recording of Anyone Can Fall in Love

Anyway - the Broadchurch plot as I understood it. Having been on trial for murder, the shaven-headed scary bloke - no, not that one, the other one - is found guilty. In accordance with ancient Dorset law, he is sentenced to be thrown off a picturesque cliff by the local pagans.

But having prepared him for sacrifice, the pagan priestess (that woman who's in everything) divines that even Manannan Mac Lir will not accept him. The ancient sea god wants him to suffer even worse than this. They consult the local vicar, to find out what thing in all the three creations could be worse than a long drop to a watery grave.

The vicar consults the Big Book of Divine Retribution and comes up with the answer. So they send him to Sheffield.

Meanwhile David Tennant gets a taxi. When asked where he's going he responds, enigmatically, "Trenzalore".

As I say, I wasn't paying much attention. So I may have filled in a few details.

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  1. While not totally sharing your interpretation of this series, I must say we have broad (see what I did there?) agreement on the selected destination for baldie.
    I must say, I thought the end was a bit of a damp squib after all the speculation.
    David Tennent does a good line in grunts though.


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