Thursday, 12 February 2015

Grand Meeting of the Moot

Quick notes on yesterday's Grand Meeting of the Moot.

The group work was, as ever, terribly successful. Everyone got the chance to say why "they" (eg the Druids/ordinary Beaker Folk/the Guinea Pig Worshippers of Stewartby) didn't understand/were living in the past/were being dangerously radical/didn't understand what it's like "on the ground" in Husborne Crawley. And we all agreed that nothing/everything must change if we are to stay as we are/move forward/build Jerusalem.

Bringing the groups back into plenary session, we brainstormed what the Beaker Slogan 2015/16 should be when the new season starts in August. And concluded that, despite the attractions of "Dangerous Discipleship for a new Generation" and "A Liminal People Balancing on the Edge", the Mission Statement that best encapsulated our vision was "Well, After all, What Can You do, Eh?" Not inspiring, but we reckon we can live up to it.

I ruled the Druids' Standing Committee out of order, as we were all sitting down. Got the afternoon back, which was good.

And then in the afternoon, a lot of people told us about their visits to vase communities in Guatemala, regaled us with their childhood experiences of tea lights, and made shocking revelations about their personal lives. All of which allowed them to make striking poses and look serious. At least, that's all I noticed. I was listening to the last radio series of "Count Arthur Strong" on the headphones I have cunningly had disguised as hearing aids.

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