Thursday, 26 February 2015

New Scientific Hypothesis Proves the Existence of God

It's late, and I've given up Social Media for Lent. But I've just realised I've missed something important. And I wish what I'd missed was the Dawkins fan-boy page discussing it. There is nothing looks more like a faith than a bunch of people drawing completely erroneous conclusions from something, is there? Which is what the Dawkins fan-boys are doing. Bless them. They've got to believe in something.

So let's think about what that hypothesis of Jeremy England's that I was just referring to (and the Independent was failing to understand) was saying. It was saying that the nature of our universe is such that life can spontaneously evolve. That the very fabric of probability is such that entropy can drive evolution.

It's almost, wouldn't you say, like it was designed that way? Almost like it was reflecting the very person-hood and life-giving nature of a living Creator. Chuck in the quantum anthropic principle that no quantum universe could exists without an observer, and, as Oolon Colluphid might say, that just about wraps it up.

I'm playing, of course. Obviously, the way to interpret evidence is the way you want to. That's what good scientism is all about.


  1. I've always thought that Prof Dawkins and his gang are becoming extremist in outlook. Next thing we know, they'll have #Christians being denounced as being heretics? All because we don't believe in the #nothingness that they propound. I was hoping that someone would drop the #Bigbangtheory on their and use a spark to create some useful life.

  2. Lent is a time for facing up to the Devil. Is that why you wandered into the we-think-Dawkins-is-wonderful website?


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