Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Perils of Driverless Cars

Some newspaper in Hinckley - which is basically a place on A5 signposts - is very worried about driverless cars.

Not that they might not respond to complex road conditions. Not that drunk people might get behind the wheel, assuming the car will get them home on the basis of the farmers' donkeys of old. Not that they won't react correctly when an emergency situation requires a genuine breaking of the law - for example on a crowded junction with an ambulance trying to get through.

Oh, no.

"There are fears driverless cars could clog the roads because they would be too timid at roundabouts and would follow the Highway Code to the letter, meaning they would crawl behind cyclists before it is clearly safe to overtake."

That's right. The problem with driverless cars is they might not illegally risk the lives of cyclists to make journey times approximately 5 seconds shorter.

In Hinckley, at least, the journalist-free newspaper is well overdue.


  1. I would lobby for driverless cars to be preceded by a Wodewose brandishing a red flag.

  2. Hinckley is the hosiery capital of Britain. I can't remember why I know this fact.

    1. Because you are a sockpuppet

    2. Conveniently close to Market Harborough, the home of the Liberty Bodice. I'm sure I said this before, but i seem to have lost control of my own blog.

  3. I had a dream about The Beaker Folk
    of Husborne Crawley last night.
    It was quite amusing.

    1. Send us the details. I'm sure we could blog it.


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